For anyone looking to commit to a healthy lifestyle, healthy smoothies are a good meal replacement and easy way to add extra fruit and vegetable portions.

There are many restaurants and beverages bars which provide healthy smoothies but be warned, many of them contain a higher amount of the recommended daily sugar allowance. So, you might just be sabotaging your healthy strategy.

Make your healthy smoothies

The only way to be certain of the contents is to prepare your own. All you need is a blender and ingredients of your choice. Three main base ingredients are water, milk and yoghurt. You can either choose to use one or a combination of these three.

Healthy Smoothie Variety

There are an endless variety of fruit combinations to be made, and don’t be scared to add vegetables such as kale or spinach, only significant amount will alter the taste so a handful will provide you with your daily portion while tasting great in a healthy smoothie. And while you are taking care of your health, you can take care of the environment as well by making use of reusable container or environmentally friendly disposable plastic smoothie cups.

Health Benefits of Smoothies

Healthy smoothies that contain fruit and vegetables aid digestion, boost your immune system and reduce your cravings. Post work out smoothies containing protein powder are especially good if you are a regular at the gym. If you are looking to incorporate both healthy eating and exercise into your diet, get in touch with Viva Gym today so we can help you create a workout regime that give you the best results.

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