Why Join Viva Gym in 2016?

By January 25, 2016Uncategorized

Thinking about joining a new gym in 2016? Maybe it’s time to join a gym that has nothing to hide and everything to offer!

Here at Viva Gym, we’re not going to charge you for the unnecessary gym utilities such as pools and steam rooms that you don’t use, we’re not going to tie you down to a long term contract that you won’t be able to get out of and we will never ever make you pay for parking.

What we will do is offer you all the features of a gym that you really do care about, such as:

• State-of-the-art training
• Functional training
• World-Class equipment
• Personal Training
• Free WIFI
• Online Membership Registration
• Virtual Spinning and Aerobic Classes
• Modern Changing Rooms
• Over 200 square metres of training areas

And so much more! So sign up with us this month, and take advantage of our “Skip away your joining fee” promotion. There is only winning when you join Viva Gym, so maybe it’s time you ReThink Gym?


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